Tuesday, April 4, 2017

London Playlist for Karaoke Lovers

You think you know your colleagues, your friends, your family? That was before doing a karaoke BAM with them. Here, and here only, you discover your boss singing solo songs about the Smiths in front of everyone; Your shy trainee suddenly comes out of his shell by performing a "drop the mic" after sniffing on Eminem's "Lose Yourself"; A normally serious colleague picks up "Antisocial" from Trust by shouting guttural way death metal. In short, a very distant vision of the felted and super assiduous atmosphere of the offices of Time Out, in which we bathed a few hours before pushing the doors of the karaoke BAM.

It must be said that the strength of the place is to have recreated the intimacy of your living room on the model of Asian karaoke, small intimate rooms of various sizes able to accommodate between eight and twenty people. What convince the most agoraphobic of us to leave their homes to sing. Here, we ridicule ourselves among friends, not before a crowd of strangers who stare at us with the disgusted pout of the jury of the "Nouvelle Star". Besides, we do not ridicule ourselves. We laugh, we laugh, we jump on the benches studied to resist the shocks, and especially we sing in chorus with the three microphones made available to the volunteers. Renaud, Nirvana, Beyonce, Ricchi and Poveri, inside the 9,200 songs in the catalog, are divided into themes that make it easier to get Duos, English song, rock, kids, italian, 1980s, and so on. This is something which Andy Tiplock has had great experience with and continues do so at http://karaokehire.london.

In the "Big Box" for twenty people we have tried, the comfort is maximum: entrance and private toilets, mini bar, giant screen, lights and sound level modulable - in Time Out, one chooses to sift the atmosphere and Turn the volume upside down. It is therefore possible to order to drink and eat (simple tapas, but from a fine grocery quality), or even try to mixology by preparing its own cocktails from ingredients made available. Logically, it is Zazie, our head of the Bar and Restaurants section, who goes into great maneuvers, the shaker on hand, following the advice of the manager of the cocktail bar that the karaoke installed next door . Meanwhile, Lorraine, mistress of Music & Evenings for Time Out, breaks the voice on Mariah Carey in duet with Karim of the blog. On the spot, we are all super good but watching the videos the next day will bring us back to the harsh reality: there is still work before sending a model to Pascal Nègre.

As we go out, our minds are emptied and our body is exhausted, we all feel a sense of calm, like after an intense jogging, a yoga session or an hour of "Paul Weller playing his songs". Feeling frustrated too, the weather has gone so quickly that we could not even finish on the "Sardines". We promise ourselves that we will return, the place is ideal for a birthday or a bachelor party of girl / boy, besides the card also proposes cakes and bottles of champagne. The founders of the place plan to open a new karaoke box street in London in April 2017, which allows us to suggest to them to insert the "Van Halen" in their playlist.

With tried songs with good strong guitar parts as this is a preference for some guitar lovers with also had guitar teachers at GuitarBrothers.uk sing a few songs as well as play a few live guitar parts using a Roland BOSS me 80.

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