Saturday, June 16, 2012

Modern blues for-2012, onwards

Being a genuine admire of music I’ve always had a passion for modern music. Ken Sproul on Reverbnation wrote some classic songs which will hopefully hit the commercial market. Ken illustrated his diversity with tracks like paradise blues and Darling which shows his taste in music as well as shows how he can change the mood of a song.

If you appreciate good song writing then Ken Sproul the Canadian Professor is a good start. He has 14 great tracks well worth adding to your record collection, why not check him out.

Here is a little film, and the song, it shows you how Ken claims the idea came along for writing the song. The video expresses some good humor in the studio, at home and some people's idea of paradise. The song is constructed well with nice guitar riffs to gel in with Ken's voice, all in all nothing is overplayed and Ken sung just what was needed to make the song a potential hit song anytime here in 2012 onwards. Nothing in the song was overplayed all musicians did their valued part to complement the song and make it a nice little number.