Friday, June 4, 2010


63. I enjoy coming to any events in Stirlingshire but I've been especially one group’s fan for a long time. I was really excited when I heard they'd be playing in my area. said they were supported by rock bands which I like as well, so obviously there was no choice for me but to come. I will also review these bands performances briefly.
Some Rock musicians which took to the stage first received a good audience response but in my opinion the sound and timing of their performance was slightly off. However, I must admit that the sound was sufficient.
The second show here in Stirlingshire enjoyed a more cohesive sound, with blustering emo guitars and screamed impassioned vocals.

The third band had the more polished sounding of the three, with the most proficient singer. The sound quality of their sound was excellent, each note ringing loud and clear.

When my favourite band took to the stage, it was as if the volume was turned up so much further. You could not fault their tight punchy power chord filled sound, complete with wiry bass and pulsating propulsive drums. Vocalist's voice ranged from subdued snot nosed vocalizing to rousing gravelly screams, and encompassed the emotions of each piece was excellently. It is also worth noting the skills of the accompanying musicians, especially the brass players, and, more notably, the musician playing some killer sax.

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