Friday, June 4, 2010


60.Rock comes to mind when I see how some of my neighbors disregard it I feel like shouting: people wake up! I can see them working all day long and ending up in their armchair in front of TV every single evening. What’s more their weekends are not too much better. When I am relaxing myself on Live Gigs they are running around their garden and mowing their lawn or cutting the trees on their land.

The most sophisticated way of spending the weekend for them is having the barbecue with their friends from work who do not do anything really interesting with their lives anyway. I simply can’t believe that we used to go together to clubs with the LM and that they were young energetic and enthusiastic at that time. But that is the fact – we used to be real friends as we grew in the same area and they were the same enthusiast of LM Rutland as I am.

So what happened to them? What had hit them so strong that they forgot who they are? Maybe a bit of prosperity and race of rats at work? But I still can’t believe that they could have changed so much. Maybe that is the drug of getting old and laziness?

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