Friday, June 4, 2010


59.Live Music Rock rules it is unbelievable how people value it. Some of them are prepared to travel few days to get to the Live Gig of their favourite artist, some people would travel just because their friends are coming and they can’t stand that they could miss the event. That is unfortunately only small part of society for which the Live Music or the spirit around that means a lot.

But what we observe recently is that as the welfare and prosperity increases less people are happy to live their homes. I have ambivalent feelings about that. From one side I am strong fan and supporter of Live Music and I simply do not understand how people can ignore all this great events just like that.

On the other hand I understand that to pay of their mortgages and provide for the family on certain level they simply need to work very hard and it’s possible that they simply do not have enough time to attend the Live Gigs even if they were next door. Apart from that they feel that the time of craziness and entertainment is far behind them and now the only thing which they can do is seating with they beer in front of TV just for Live Music » Rock Roxburghshire.

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  1. I love this track a lot, it reminds me how I feel about someone who will always be special to me. An important part of music is the way an artist expresses an emotion and the way we relate to that emotion. I am often in a tangled state of mind mixed between something good and bad. No matter how hard someone tries to say the problems why things were wrong its all your fault is nothing but poppy-cot there are two sides to every story and music is an asset to that feeling.