Friday, June 4, 2010

Dedicated rock fan

49. We still have not found the reason, why the Metal seems to be the point of attraction for many people. Why they are so excited when they hear few notes from the stage for a change instead of listening to the radio or their CD player or mp3 player? Why they are so keen to come from thousands of kilometres from the other city or even from another country to see the Live Gig of their idol?

Why they are even prepared to come to see completely unknown band which haven’t earn its fame yet and don’t even know how to do it but the members already attract attention of many people just because they have enough courage to play. Some critics are complaining that a lot of concerts do not have any value and it would be much better to listen to well recorded CD than spoiling your ears on something like that.

But that’s the beauty of Rock is totally unpredictable, sometimes crazy and generally it’s just the mix of good and bad. I would even say that Blues is the value within itself, it’s special because of the fact that it is there for you and it will never be repeated again in the same shape and form.

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