Monday, May 17, 2010


41. The analysts of Blues Wembley sound a triumphant note, or break out in outright exultation at the main economic indicators: Who is responsible for a success of the Rock through? Who should be awarded the best musician of the year?

This year the awards will be handed out to gather the biggest popularity but in the same time to the performer and the band which is giving the best Live Gigs according to the jury made of the best specialist. It will not be the simple task to meet their expectations, but what the most people tend to forget is that the public, though not made of professionals can ass well spot the good and bad performer.

Even though some critics are passing scornful comments about the vox populi that doesn’t change the fact that we mustn’t ignore the taste and prefers of so many people in the country. That is the reason why we decided to give award to performers of Metal Wembley – one of them chosen by the jury and the second loved by the voters who will have the chance to vote via the texts, e-mails and phone calls at the crucial award night in Wembley.

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