Monday, May 17, 2010

unforgettable experience

9 Blues, Metal, and Rock, can never be replaced by any stereo and that is the fact! I don’t know haw about you, but I am always trying to be rational and I don’t like when some people try to raise the mass hysteria around some issues. Should I resign from my favourite Blues,just because in the passed few unfortunate accidents have happened?

Of course not, especially that organizers of big concerts have learned their lesson and now they are doing everything to make concert as safe as nursery school… but naturally much more interesting.

Blues, Metal, and Rock, can enjoy the performance of their favourite band without any worry as the safety requirements have become much stricter and organizers have become much more experienced.

Obviously you need to be careful what concert are you choosing. I recommend to check before going to Blues, Metal, and Rock, if the organizer has all legal permissions and what other events has he organized before – that is just to know who are you dealing with. If you made sure you go to well protected place you can only laugh at those who believe that only staying at home makes the live secure. You are going to have an unforgettable experience of a live gig and nothing will ever replace that!

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