Monday, May 17, 2010


71. Rock, as far as I could see our band was received very worm. To my surprise the director of very controversial club had criticized very strongly our performance had on hand with equally controversial radio station. Obviously they have right to have different opinion than majority of people about our Metal, and Rock, and they can voice their opinion loudly if they want.

My problem is that they are basing they unremitting attacks on some people complains who allegedly were extremely disappointed. According to the radio and a club (which was not hosting our performance) there was an outrage of the crowd who rushed to the owner of the venue asking for the refund of the cost of the tickets. That is the point where they simply crossed the line of reason and common sense.

All of that can be checked and we didn’t hesitate to ask the venue owner what was the true. He confirmed our suspicions saying that the night when we played our Blues, Metal, and Rock, not a single person come to complain and on the contrary he receive many e-mails and calls asking when we are going to play again. That is why we took the issue seriously with blues.

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