Monday, May 17, 2010


37. When a manager of a club where you play asks you to keep quiet after the gig you are probably surprised remembering braking the instruments and jumping into the crowd, shouting off swears and all sort of things which were happening on Live Gigs of rock musicians. That shouldn’t be an example for you at lest not now.

Remember that they are famous and if you want to get their fame the most important thing is to keep playing the gig UK and to be doing that you need to keep the regulations of the club. Just think what club would hire you and allow you to play if you bring disorder and problems to it? Most clubs make an extreme effort on their part to keep the neighbours happy and not call the cops and they expect the bands which play at their parties to make the same effort.

Back door security would not tolerate any noise at the side door, nor will he tolerate any band gear in the hallway. It is not that they trying to be difficult, but gear must get loaded out immediately after the Live Gig and quietly. It is a safety issue with the LAFD, so most clubs are asking to do that. Don't throw a fit. Security is just doing their job. If there is a problem, you can always contact a manager.

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