Monday, May 17, 2010

Royal Albert Hall

42 Royal Albert Hall I heard someone putting down off some Live Gig. I suggested the person to try if he can do it better. I understand that not everyone can do well in every single profession and it doesn’t mean that we can’t demand good quality from professionals yet still I challenge the guy, just to see what he’ll say.

Obviously I didn’t expect him to come to play in the UK on stage, but I thought he’s going to give me some clever answer. To my surprise he decided pick up the glove and come on stage to prove me that even he is capable of playing better than the band who played before. Well, I thought that his confidence must have had some solid bases and I prepared myself to loose the bet. I wasn’t worried to much, because that would be my investment in finding the new talent.

Unfortunately he surprised me ones again. Have you ever been at karaoke party when people scrim like they were pilled of their skin thinking that they are amazing and the public loves them? Hm…that guy’s at the Royal Albert Hall was amazing in exactly the same way as that people voices, but I’ll tell you about that another time.

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