Monday, May 17, 2010

Rock 2010

72.Rock, fans would like to come back to attacks launched at us by the certain club and radio station. We’ve checked if there had been any complains and we’ve found out that there were no complains at all. That is the reason why we feel that the attack is just the plan against as and has nothing to do with the public taste. I don’t understand why our tracks raised that type of reaction.

That is true that we are very popular band and that we attract a lot of attention, that is possible that the club were we refused to play due to low sound quality lost some crowd in favour of the club we are playing at. But we still do not agree that that should be the reason to make up the criticism of our songs and lie in the most obvious way.

We’ve seen the enthusiasm of the crowd, we’ve heard them shouting of lyrics of our songs and we could recognized the same faces in the crowd one Blues, Metal, and Rock, after the other, so there is no way someone could convince as that the pubic hates us. We took the trial of manipulation very seriously and decided to take the case further – to court.

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