Saturday, May 15, 2010


58. I believe that in the near future Metal should play the dominating role in England’s economy. We should move in this direction, we should promote our country and build related infrastructure. We cannot let this opportunity slip through our fingers, even more so as England can be fashionable in this field only in future. Combining well developed tourism with growing Metal industry would be an interesting solution.

People from all around the country and even the world go to London to even though the prices are not lower in here than in other places in Europe. Actually prices do not matter as the quality and prestige is important. This is because London offers the product called shopping tourism and I can’t see any reason why it couldn’t offer also the greatest bands in Europe.

No one said that an excellent trade can not go together with artistic development. On the contrary the more people are coming to the city or the country the more things you can offer to them and one of those things is intelligent entertainment at the high level which they won’t forget quickly. If we manage to combine the trade with Radnorshire industry bough of this branches will gain from that.

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