Saturday, May 15, 2010


57. I don’t blame anyone for inactive attitude in their live but I still believe that seeing the performance of Metal from time to time is just the salvation for the spirit and the soul. I am aware that associating staying at home with boredom and indifference is pure hard ignorance and I know that not only people attending the Plymouth concerts have their hobbies and can spend the leisure time in interesting way.

I also know that thanks to all those hard working people, who are reluctant to move from their homes in the evening our economy has grown and that generally speaking they are pompously saying the moving force of society. Yet still they deserve to hear from time to time some decent Metal as every single human being.

That is why I feel sorry for them when I see thousands of people restricting their live to constant commuting from their home to work and keep bringing that entire staff to their property which is really necessary only in their head. Instead of participating from time to time in invigorating Metal they are stuffing their house with all that expensive hi-fi equipment in believe that that will stand in for the real spirit of Plymouth.

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