Saturday, May 15, 2010

Paul Weller

Paul Weller has to be one of the greatest song writers ever. Few people can write so many good songs one after the other and still keep fans interest. I will give and example of Paul Weller putting hi writing skills to use. Such Great Examples like the amazing track in the City taken from the Album called In the City even in the early writing days you can her he had class listen to Paul’s track from the CD called taking my Love.

Almost Failed

Paul Weller is well known for his writing skill even though there was a flop in his career and this was the album called his is a Modern World. He thought he would open a second hand cloths shop and make his living this way but then came the next album called All Mod Cons this completely turned things around and increased the popularity of his band the Jam. This featured so any classic songs Like Down in the Tube Station at Midnight, Mr Clean, and of course the very classic track called English Rose.

Perseverance proves to be successful

These tracks are only a few of the great tracks the whole album is awesome. Continuing to write songs in the same light and to stimulate even more fans and also the big turn around was the one and only excellent track called Eton Rifles. This was the song that made me a Jam fan and a Paul Weller fan. After hearing that song I went and bought all the pass Paul Weller tracks before that and to this date 26.05.2009 I continue to buy every Paul Weller song.

A good example the latest album called 22 dreams I am so much in love with the track called Have you made up your mind it is such a great track with great vocals surrounded by nice guitar riffs.

About Paul Weller and the Live Music

Paul Weller Live Music is another area yet again, not only is this artist outstanding in writing good songs as well as accompanying them with catchy guitar riffs, unlike many artist who has had all their work fixed on a Computer. Paul Weller LiveMusic can blow most live performers out the water easily. Paul Weller LiveMusic is the way to go for all of you who enjoy classic song writing combined with great rock energy.

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