Monday, May 17, 2010

On Stage

36. The members of the band need to be able to cooperate well with each other. All managers hate when the drums player do not speak to the singer, main guitarist can’t look at the bass player and the drums player hates gads of the main guitarist. Small debates on a scene during the Live Gig can be funny for the public, but certainly not for the management.

If the band wishes they can arrange small quarrels on stage to create the certain image, but they should work hand to hand like best friends while rehearsals. It is not only good for the general atmosphere and creativity of the members of the band but it also improves the quality of Music they perform. Thanks to good cooperation it is possible to cut majority of problems. Otherwise the band will not get too fare, because sooner or later they will split up.

Some people think that it is easy perform the Live but in reality it involves a lot of work which can’t be done in between one fight and another. That is why managers hate when the band starts to quarrel because of that.

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