Monday, May 17, 2010

Old Connoisseurs

Blues, Metal, and Rock, is one of the best attractions for young people, with more sophisticated taste than an average chap. It's becoming more and more popular, especially amongst big group of friends, who like the same things and are convincing enough, to bring their group to places they like to present them things they enjoy and one of them is certainly Blues, Metal, and Rock, have lifted the heart of many who love.

It’s not a secrete that a lot of people around the world like to make many things together not only because it is practical solution not to go alone when you are going dancing or climbing, but predominantly, because it gives them a feeling of unity and good atmosphere. That is why it’s easy to notice big groups of young people, who come together for the Live Gig. They are there to listen to their favourite band, drink beer, have some common chat and it seems like nothing is happening, but really they are doing something much more significant – they are keeping the really alive.

Why? Because old connoisseurs like me are just like some old furniture at their normal place and Rock needs some kick of fresh blood – some new fascination of young people, who come down to discover something new, something inspiring for their future live and artistic development.

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