Monday, May 17, 2010

Mean Fiddler

40. Mean Fiddler & good presentation of is kind of artistic and business card. If you don’t have any recorded CD for sale yet you have to rely on a public which comes to the club where you are playing. You know that there is many pubs and clubs, so if the people don’t not like your they would simply go somewhere else and you would lose your job in the club. But if you catch hearts of public you can get real success in the future, because if you can bring crowd to the club in future you will be able to sell many CDs with your songs.

When you are going to a new club for the job the sample of your songs should give a clear comprehensive insight into bands profile, style, attitude and experience. At the same time it should answer a few important questions of the club director: Why should I hire this band? Does the band meet the club's expectations and its profile? And finally is this band’s able to bring the crowds to our place.

The last advice for you is to listen to your Mean Fiddler presentation before you go to the audition and think if you would hire the band that is playing like you? Try to be objective and self critic.

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