Monday, May 17, 2010


44. Glastonbury this year the economic and artistic growth of gigs in London was unusually rapid in all areas. It overcomes old and new obstacles, always finding a way of reaching its goal. We often speak about this what seems to be the obvious for the specialists and common observers – an artistic and technical improvement of the gig but let us tackle the subject from completely different angle for a change.

What we want to speak about now is something which is force of the public life in every singe respect and something which artists are reluctant to speak about - the money. The economical grew of London and all professions connected to it despite political turmoil, focusing on real challenges is now undeniable.

Its message to politicians was clear: We can do more, we can do better and that has nothing to do with how you steer the economy of the country. If you can't help as, at least don't hinder the gig as it will do perfectly well without you.’ Now that is a fact that thanks to the great improvement of musicians and professional promoters the music industry keeps developing and through years the Live Gigs are more and more popular.

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