Monday, May 17, 2010


38. I explain the conditions of playing at Camden in good claps, it puts off the rock musicians. They are saying that too much discipline is involved, that they would have to rush out like sprinters and that it has not much to do with the live they like to live.

Fortunately there is also the entertaining part of Blues, Metal, and Rock, which created the image of the party live of rock musicians which attracts a lot of youngsters to this profession. The good part of the evening with is that after all there is the time to spend some of your money earned today at the bar, hang out with friends, catch the next band, and help reignite the local scene of Rock.

There are always lots of gossips around what rock musicians can do at the parties and I wouldn’t say they are totally false. That is the point when the artists can eventually relax and release their energy so it’s hardly surprising that they are spending that time with fantasy. Apart from fame and fortune those little parties are one of the reasons why musicians like to play the Blues, Metal, and Rock,. That reminds them that being the rock musician is above all is good fun.

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