Monday, May 17, 2010


Metal events should be always something unforgettable. We should come out of the concert of the club feeling like we’d like to come back the again next day. Unfortunately there’s been many times before when people where totally disappointed and discouraged from LM entirely because of some clowns who couldn’t play for their live. Now, thanks to new regulations the situation has improved.

Not only the expectations of the public have increased but also we have better system of checking who is coming on a stage. That might sound like some tax or bank regulations – standoffish and not artistic at all but we believe that LM is something special and it should stay that way. If some band do not agree with us the simply should not play at our club as the people come in hear not only to meet friends, have a beer and dance a little bit but predominantly to see the LM of the best quality.

That is why we carry all this auditions and the musicians who want to play at our club need to get through recruitment process comparable to the recruitment at the best financial company. They may not like it but we achieve what we wont – the LM at the best level on our stage! Be a part of LM Metal

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