Monday, May 17, 2010

Covent Garden London WC2

35. Covent Garden is something after you’ve finished playing, you leave quietly and all your gear is stowed away, check in with the box office to receive your pay. At this time you will need social security number or tax ID number. It is not that the club manager trays to throw you to the IRS wolves, but he has to leave a little paper trail as to where the money went after every Live Gig.

It sounds like the horrible bureaucracy but the reality is that you are performing in the club not only for your own pleasure, but also to make money. To get the cash and continue playing you simply need few formalities and every person needs to put up with the tax system, even the rock musician.

Unfortunately it happens a lot that rock musicians forget to bring those essential notes to the club. I don’t know if the excitement of playing makes them so inattentive or they simply are like that anyway. Nevertheless I keep reminding the bands to bring their tax ID number but the always come down without that. I know it is the most important to give the good in Covent Garden London WC2 performance, but I believe that earning the money is important as well.

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