Monday, May 17, 2010

Brixton Academy

43. Brixton Academy fans hear my story about the bet concerning bands till the end. So there we are at the club, the guy who decided to prove me that he is better than the band which played before is coming on the stage, preparing an instrument borrowed from some of his friends who happened to come around with the guitar and he is starting to play the gig.

Those who knew him expected to hear something special as they new he could play, and more importantly he always had a big mouth. When he started to play everyone was shocked. I personally never heard something that bad. His band was the mixture of lack of experience, lack of talent and after few minutes filling of total blemish. Maybe he could play ok alone in his bedroom but under steering eyes and curious ears he failed miserably.

What was the worst part of this band was his voice which was becoming weaker and weaker and at the end I could hardly hear him (I wasn’t sorry as his voice was like pig’s squeaking anyway). There is the lesson for everyone who doesn’t believe that playing good involves special skills lesson - read my other articles or simply try to play live yourself and get the true feel for Brixton Academy.

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