Sunday, May 16, 2010


7.Bristol event takes place in the open field it is better not come very near the scene. It is very heard to get out if you are there and you can forget about going toilet, but more importantly the scene wouldn’t not move if the crowd was pushing. It is not only safer not to be in direct neighbourhood of the scene but also it can give you much better comfort of listening as rock concerts is usually very loud – louder than the healthy level and, in fact, louder than you want to hear it.

It is the myth that you will see better near the scene – all in all you are not going to the Bristol to watch the socks of musicians. You will see and hear much better if you place yourself at least fifty meters away, but remember that you haven’t bought the numbered seat and you need to come quite early to get the good place.

It is important to buy the ticket for the good zone and remember that sound specialists and marketers now, what they are dong - the prices are not accidental you will get the better reception if you buy the more expensive ticked even if you have an impression that it won’t make too much difference. If you didn’t manage to get the position you wanted, don’t worry – try get as close as possible to nearest the screen and enjoy the atmosphere which is always created by our gigs.

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