Monday, May 17, 2010


73.I’ve recently seen a few young lads going to some live rock concert. I actually overheard them speaking on a bus as they were standing right next to me. I was really glad to hear that people still do things which I enjoyed so much in my early years. You know this feeling of nostalgia when suddenly all wonderful moments are rushing into your head and you are in dream world and not any more on busy streets of London.

That was really good thing to happen especially that I had a horrible start to the day when my car didn’t would not start this morning. There I was, already late for work, standing in a crowded bus thinking of wonderful years when I used to go out a lot with my friends especially for the Rock, . I tried to hear where exactly were those guys planning to go this evening, but the names of the bands and players did not mean anything for me and they got off at the next stop.

I had busy hard day at work, but the thought of the had never left me. I knew that it is an absolute must for me to go for the rock gig.

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