Friday, June 4, 2010


59.Live Music Rock rules it is unbelievable how people value it. Some of them are prepared to travel few days to get to the Live Gig of their favourite artist, some people would travel just because their friends are coming and they can’t stand that they could miss the event. That is unfortunately only small part of society for which the Live Music or the spirit around that means a lot.

But what we observe recently is that as the welfare and prosperity increases less people are happy to live their homes. I have ambivalent feelings about that. From one side I am strong fan and supporter of Live Music and I simply do not understand how people can ignore all this great events just like that.

On the other hand I understand that to pay of their mortgages and provide for the family on certain level they simply need to work very hard and it’s possible that they simply do not have enough time to attend the Live Gigs even if they were next door. Apart from that they feel that the time of craziness and entertainment is far behind them and now the only thing which they can do is seating with they beer in front of TV just for Live Music » Rock Roxburghshire.
Dedicated rock fan

49. We still have not found the reason, why the Metal seems to be the point of attraction for many people. Why they are so excited when they hear few notes from the stage for a change instead of listening to the radio or their CD player or mp3 player? Why they are so keen to come from thousands of kilometres from the other city or even from another country to see the Live Gig of their idol?

Why they are even prepared to come to see completely unknown band which haven’t earn its fame yet and don’t even know how to do it but the members already attract attention of many people just because they have enough courage to play. Some critics are complaining that a lot of concerts do not have any value and it would be much better to listen to well recorded CD than spoiling your ears on something like that.

But that’s the beauty of Rock is totally unpredictable, sometimes crazy and generally it’s just the mix of good and bad. I would even say that Blues is the value within itself, it’s special because of the fact that it is there for you and it will never be repeated again in the same shape and form.


63. I enjoy coming to any events in Stirlingshire but I've been especially one group’s fan for a long time. I was really excited when I heard they'd be playing in my area. said they were supported by rock bands which I like as well, so obviously there was no choice for me but to come. I will also review these bands performances briefly.
Some Rock musicians which took to the stage first received a good audience response but in my opinion the sound and timing of their performance was slightly off. However, I must admit that the sound was sufficient.
The second show here in Stirlingshire enjoyed a more cohesive sound, with blustering emo guitars and screamed impassioned vocals.

The third band had the more polished sounding of the three, with the most proficient singer. The sound quality of their sound was excellent, each note ringing loud and clear.

When my favourite band took to the stage, it was as if the volume was turned up so much further. You could not fault their tight punchy power chord filled sound, complete with wiry bass and pulsating propulsive drums. Vocalist's voice ranged from subdued snot nosed vocalizing to rousing gravelly screams, and encompassed the emotions of each piece was excellently. It is also worth noting the skills of the accompanying musicians, especially the brass players, and, more notably, the musician playing some killer sax.


60.Rock comes to mind when I see how some of my neighbors disregard it I feel like shouting: people wake up! I can see them working all day long and ending up in their armchair in front of TV every single evening. What’s more their weekends are not too much better. When I am relaxing myself on Live Gigs they are running around their garden and mowing their lawn or cutting the trees on their land.

The most sophisticated way of spending the weekend for them is having the barbecue with their friends from work who do not do anything really interesting with their lives anyway. I simply can’t believe that we used to go together to clubs with the LM and that they were young energetic and enthusiastic at that time. But that is the fact – we used to be real friends as we grew in the same area and they were the same enthusiast of LM Rutland as I am.

So what happened to them? What had hit them so strong that they forgot who they are? Maybe a bit of prosperity and race of rats at work? But I still can’t believe that they could have changed so much. Maybe that is the drug of getting old and laziness?

Monday, May 17, 2010


Metal events should be always something unforgettable. We should come out of the concert of the club feeling like we’d like to come back the again next day. Unfortunately there’s been many times before when people where totally disappointed and discouraged from LM entirely because of some clowns who couldn’t play for their live. Now, thanks to new regulations the situation has improved.

Not only the expectations of the public have increased but also we have better system of checking who is coming on a stage. That might sound like some tax or bank regulations – standoffish and not artistic at all but we believe that LM is something special and it should stay that way. If some band do not agree with us the simply should not play at our club as the people come in hear not only to meet friends, have a beer and dance a little bit but predominantly to see the LM of the best quality.

That is why we carry all this auditions and the musicians who want to play at our club need to get through recruitment process comparable to the recruitment at the best financial company. They may not like it but we achieve what we wont – the LM at the best level on our stage! Be a part of LM Metal

Old Connoisseurs

Blues, Metal, and Rock, is one of the best attractions for young people, with more sophisticated taste than an average chap. It's becoming more and more popular, especially amongst big group of friends, who like the same things and are convincing enough, to bring their group to places they like to present them things they enjoy and one of them is certainly Blues, Metal, and Rock, have lifted the heart of many who love.

It’s not a secrete that a lot of people around the world like to make many things together not only because it is practical solution not to go alone when you are going dancing or climbing, but predominantly, because it gives them a feeling of unity and good atmosphere. That is why it’s easy to notice big groups of young people, who come together for the Live Gig. They are there to listen to their favourite band, drink beer, have some common chat and it seems like nothing is happening, but really they are doing something much more significant – they are keeping the really alive.

Why? Because old connoisseurs like me are just like some old furniture at their normal place and Rock needs some kick of fresh blood – some new fascination of young people, who come down to discover something new, something inspiring for their future live and artistic development.


37. When a manager of a club where you play asks you to keep quiet after the gig you are probably surprised remembering braking the instruments and jumping into the crowd, shouting off swears and all sort of things which were happening on Live Gigs of rock musicians. That shouldn’t be an example for you at lest not now.

Remember that they are famous and if you want to get their fame the most important thing is to keep playing the gig UK and to be doing that you need to keep the regulations of the club. Just think what club would hire you and allow you to play if you bring disorder and problems to it? Most clubs make an extreme effort on their part to keep the neighbours happy and not call the cops and they expect the bands which play at their parties to make the same effort.

Back door security would not tolerate any noise at the side door, nor will he tolerate any band gear in the hallway. It is not that they trying to be difficult, but gear must get loaded out immediately after the Live Gig and quietly. It is a safety issue with the LAFD, so most clubs are asking to do that. Don't throw a fit. Security is just doing their job. If there is a problem, you can always contact a manager.


41. The analysts of Blues Wembley sound a triumphant note, or break out in outright exultation at the main economic indicators: Who is responsible for a success of the Rock through? Who should be awarded the best musician of the year?

This year the awards will be handed out to gather the biggest popularity but in the same time to the performer and the band which is giving the best Live Gigs according to the jury made of the best specialist. It will not be the simple task to meet their expectations, but what the most people tend to forget is that the public, though not made of professionals can ass well spot the good and bad performer.

Even though some critics are passing scornful comments about the vox populi that doesn’t change the fact that we mustn’t ignore the taste and prefers of so many people in the country. That is the reason why we decided to give award to performers of Metal Wembley – one of them chosen by the jury and the second loved by the voters who will have the chance to vote via the texts, e-mails and phone calls at the crucial award night in Wembley.

Royal Albert Hall

42 Royal Albert Hall I heard someone putting down off some Live Gig. I suggested the person to try if he can do it better. I understand that not everyone can do well in every single profession and it doesn’t mean that we can’t demand good quality from professionals yet still I challenge the guy, just to see what he’ll say.

Obviously I didn’t expect him to come to play in the UK on stage, but I thought he’s going to give me some clever answer. To my surprise he decided pick up the glove and come on stage to prove me that even he is capable of playing better than the band who played before. Well, I thought that his confidence must have had some solid bases and I prepared myself to loose the bet. I wasn’t worried to much, because that would be my investment in finding the new talent.

Unfortunately he surprised me ones again. Have you ever been at karaoke party when people scrim like they were pilled of their skin thinking that they are amazing and the public loves them? Hm…that guy’s at the Royal Albert Hall was amazing in exactly the same way as that people voices, but I’ll tell you about that another time.

Brixton Academy

43. Brixton Academy fans hear my story about the bet concerning bands till the end. So there we are at the club, the guy who decided to prove me that he is better than the band which played before is coming on the stage, preparing an instrument borrowed from some of his friends who happened to come around with the guitar and he is starting to play the gig.

Those who knew him expected to hear something special as they new he could play, and more importantly he always had a big mouth. When he started to play everyone was shocked. I personally never heard something that bad. His band was the mixture of lack of experience, lack of talent and after few minutes filling of total blemish. Maybe he could play ok alone in his bedroom but under steering eyes and curious ears he failed miserably.

What was the worst part of this band was his voice which was becoming weaker and weaker and at the end I could hardly hear him (I wasn’t sorry as his voice was like pig’s squeaking anyway). There is the lesson for everyone who doesn’t believe that playing good involves special skills lesson - read my other articles or simply try to play live yourself and get the true feel for Brixton Academy.


44. Glastonbury this year the economic and artistic growth of gigs in London was unusually rapid in all areas. It overcomes old and new obstacles, always finding a way of reaching its goal. We often speak about this what seems to be the obvious for the specialists and common observers – an artistic and technical improvement of the gig but let us tackle the subject from completely different angle for a change.

What we want to speak about now is something which is force of the public life in every singe respect and something which artists are reluctant to speak about - the money. The economical grew of London and all professions connected to it despite political turmoil, focusing on real challenges is now undeniable.

Its message to politicians was clear: We can do more, we can do better and that has nothing to do with how you steer the economy of the country. If you can't help as, at least don't hinder the gig as it will do perfectly well without you.’ Now that is a fact that thanks to the great improvement of musicians and professional promoters the music industry keeps developing and through years the Live Gigs are more and more popular.

Kilburn London NW6

45. Kilburn is developing at an impressive rate compared to the rest of Europe. As well as its high economy growth, England has enjoyed a great development of all arts stimulated by the economy and by fresh blood in the world of art. One of the branches which boast the greatest banD.

Only few years ago there were not many people who were prepared to come all the way to the concert. Now everything has changed. The performances have became better and predominantly the technique has improved which allows the GIG to sound much more powerful and to have its full impact on much bigger crowd than before. Moods are improving amongst both - fans and live performers. People feel much more encourage to come to Live Gigs Kilburn because they have the good chance to hear everything and really enjoy their favourite bands.

The musicians in the same time feel that the enthusiastic crowd is waiting for them and their gig and that they are ready to give them huge energy to play and keep on playing for long time. Off course the matter of money is important as well as with increase of crowd an average wage of musicians who play the Live Gigs has increased considerably.

On Stage

36. The members of the band need to be able to cooperate well with each other. All managers hate when the drums player do not speak to the singer, main guitarist can’t look at the bass player and the drums player hates gads of the main guitarist. Small debates on a scene during the Live Gig can be funny for the public, but certainly not for the management.

If the band wishes they can arrange small quarrels on stage to create the certain image, but they should work hand to hand like best friends while rehearsals. It is not only good for the general atmosphere and creativity of the members of the band but it also improves the quality of Music they perform. Thanks to good cooperation it is possible to cut majority of problems. Otherwise the band will not get too fare, because sooner or later they will split up.

Some people think that it is easy perform the Live but in reality it involves a lot of work which can’t be done in between one fight and another. That is why managers hate when the band starts to quarrel because of that.

Covent Garden London WC2

35. Covent Garden is something after you’ve finished playing, you leave quietly and all your gear is stowed away, check in with the box office to receive your pay. At this time you will need social security number or tax ID number. It is not that the club manager trays to throw you to the IRS wolves, but he has to leave a little paper trail as to where the money went after every Live Gig.

It sounds like the horrible bureaucracy but the reality is that you are performing in the club not only for your own pleasure, but also to make money. To get the cash and continue playing you simply need few formalities and every person needs to put up with the tax system, even the rock musician.

Unfortunately it happens a lot that rock musicians forget to bring those essential notes to the club. I don’t know if the excitement of playing makes them so inattentive or they simply are like that anyway. Nevertheless I keep reminding the bands to bring their tax ID number but the always come down without that. I know it is the most important to give the good in Covent Garden London WC2 performance, but I believe that earning the money is important as well.

Mean Fiddler

40. Mean Fiddler & good presentation of is kind of artistic and business card. If you don’t have any recorded CD for sale yet you have to rely on a public which comes to the club where you are playing. You know that there is many pubs and clubs, so if the people don’t not like your they would simply go somewhere else and you would lose your job in the club. But if you catch hearts of public you can get real success in the future, because if you can bring crowd to the club in future you will be able to sell many CDs with your songs.

When you are going to a new club for the job the sample of your songs should give a clear comprehensive insight into bands profile, style, attitude and experience. At the same time it should answer a few important questions of the club director: Why should I hire this band? Does the band meet the club's expectations and its profile? And finally is this band’s able to bring the crowds to our place.

The last advice for you is to listen to your Mean Fiddler presentation before you go to the audition and think if you would hire the band that is playing like you? Try to be objective and self critic.

unforgettable experience

9 Blues, Metal, and Rock, can never be replaced by any stereo and that is the fact! I don’t know haw about you, but I am always trying to be rational and I don’t like when some people try to raise the mass hysteria around some issues. Should I resign from my favourite Blues,just because in the passed few unfortunate accidents have happened?

Of course not, especially that organizers of big concerts have learned their lesson and now they are doing everything to make concert as safe as nursery school… but naturally much more interesting.

Blues, Metal, and Rock, can enjoy the performance of their favourite band without any worry as the safety requirements have become much stricter and organizers have become much more experienced.

Obviously you need to be careful what concert are you choosing. I recommend to check before going to Blues, Metal, and Rock, if the organizer has all legal permissions and what other events has he organized before – that is just to know who are you dealing with. If you made sure you go to well protected place you can only laugh at those who believe that only staying at home makes the live secure. You are going to have an unforgettable experience of a live gig and nothing will ever replace that!


38. I explain the conditions of playing at Camden in good claps, it puts off the rock musicians. They are saying that too much discipline is involved, that they would have to rush out like sprinters and that it has not much to do with the live they like to live.

Fortunately there is also the entertaining part of Blues, Metal, and Rock, which created the image of the party live of rock musicians which attracts a lot of youngsters to this profession. The good part of the evening with is that after all there is the time to spend some of your money earned today at the bar, hang out with friends, catch the next band, and help reignite the local scene of Rock.

There are always lots of gossips around what rock musicians can do at the parties and I wouldn’t say they are totally false. That is the point when the artists can eventually relax and release their energy so it’s hardly surprising that they are spending that time with fantasy. Apart from fame and fortune those little parties are one of the reasons why musicians like to play the Blues, Metal, and Rock,. That reminds them that being the rock musician is above all is good fun.

Magic Metal

74.Rock,. I came back home that day thinking that was after meeting some young guys on the bus going to the concert when all my memories came back to me. I was still partly in my crazy young years when all what mattered to me was a good music. I knew I had to go to the live rock concert and immediately after coming back home I started to search for it on the internet.

It wasn’t hard as I quickly seen that my favourite guitar player is having a tour around the country and one of them will be not fare from my home next week. I thought that it must had been a God sent as I’ve met those guys just before an ax phenomenon is giving the concert next to my home – absolutely amazing.

I new that would be some good Blues, Metal, and Rock, and my only worry was to get the tickets for the gig. Luckily I bought the last two. Time has changed and instead of going with the group of friends I planed to take my son with me. I thought that it would be a good idea to invite him to the world of Live Rock Bands with the best player I’ve ever heard in rock.


71. Rock, as far as I could see our band was received very worm. To my surprise the director of very controversial club had criticized very strongly our performance had on hand with equally controversial radio station. Obviously they have right to have different opinion than majority of people about our Metal, and Rock, and they can voice their opinion loudly if they want.

My problem is that they are basing they unremitting attacks on some people complains who allegedly were extremely disappointed. According to the radio and a club (which was not hosting our performance) there was an outrage of the crowd who rushed to the owner of the venue asking for the refund of the cost of the tickets. That is the point where they simply crossed the line of reason and common sense.

All of that can be checked and we didn’t hesitate to ask the venue owner what was the true. He confirmed our suspicions saying that the night when we played our Blues, Metal, and Rock, not a single person come to complain and on the contrary he receive many e-mails and calls asking when we are going to play again. That is why we took the issue seriously with blues.


73.I’ve recently seen a few young lads going to some live rock concert. I actually overheard them speaking on a bus as they were standing right next to me. I was really glad to hear that people still do things which I enjoyed so much in my early years. You know this feeling of nostalgia when suddenly all wonderful moments are rushing into your head and you are in dream world and not any more on busy streets of London.

That was really good thing to happen especially that I had a horrible start to the day when my car didn’t would not start this morning. There I was, already late for work, standing in a crowded bus thinking of wonderful years when I used to go out a lot with my friends especially for the Rock, . I tried to hear where exactly were those guys planning to go this evening, but the names of the bands and players did not mean anything for me and they got off at the next stop.

I had busy hard day at work, but the thought of the had never left me. I knew that it is an absolute must for me to go for the rock gig.

Rock 2010

72.Rock, fans would like to come back to attacks launched at us by the certain club and radio station. We’ve checked if there had been any complains and we’ve found out that there were no complains at all. That is the reason why we feel that the attack is just the plan against as and has nothing to do with the public taste. I don’t understand why our tracks raised that type of reaction.

That is true that we are very popular band and that we attract a lot of attention, that is possible that the club were we refused to play due to low sound quality lost some crowd in favour of the club we are playing at. But we still do not agree that that should be the reason to make up the criticism of our songs and lie in the most obvious way.

We’ve seen the enthusiasm of the crowd, we’ve heard them shouting of lyrics of our songs and we could recognized the same faces in the crowd one Blues, Metal, and Rock, after the other, so there is no way someone could convince as that the pubic hates us. We took the trial of manipulation very seriously and decided to take the case further – to court.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


7.Bristol event takes place in the open field it is better not come very near the scene. It is very heard to get out if you are there and you can forget about going toilet, but more importantly the scene wouldn’t not move if the crowd was pushing. It is not only safer not to be in direct neighbourhood of the scene but also it can give you much better comfort of listening as rock concerts is usually very loud – louder than the healthy level and, in fact, louder than you want to hear it.

It is the myth that you will see better near the scene – all in all you are not going to the Bristol to watch the socks of musicians. You will see and hear much better if you place yourself at least fifty meters away, but remember that you haven’t bought the numbered seat and you need to come quite early to get the good place.

It is important to buy the ticket for the good zone and remember that sound specialists and marketers now, what they are dong - the prices are not accidental you will get the better reception if you buy the more expensive ticked even if you have an impression that it won’t make too much difference. If you didn’t manage to get the position you wanted, don’t worry – try get as close as possible to nearest the screen and enjoy the atmosphere which is always created by our gigs.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


58. I believe that in the near future Metal should play the dominating role in England’s economy. We should move in this direction, we should promote our country and build related infrastructure. We cannot let this opportunity slip through our fingers, even more so as England can be fashionable in this field only in future. Combining well developed tourism with growing Metal industry would be an interesting solution.

People from all around the country and even the world go to London to even though the prices are not lower in here than in other places in Europe. Actually prices do not matter as the quality and prestige is important. This is because London offers the product called shopping tourism and I can’t see any reason why it couldn’t offer also the greatest bands in Europe.

No one said that an excellent trade can not go together with artistic development. On the contrary the more people are coming to the city or the country the more things you can offer to them and one of those things is intelligent entertainment at the high level which they won’t forget quickly. If we manage to combine the trade with Radnorshire industry bough of this branches will gain from that.


57. I don’t blame anyone for inactive attitude in their live but I still believe that seeing the performance of Metal from time to time is just the salvation for the spirit and the soul. I am aware that associating staying at home with boredom and indifference is pure hard ignorance and I know that not only people attending the Plymouth concerts have their hobbies and can spend the leisure time in interesting way.

I also know that thanks to all those hard working people, who are reluctant to move from their homes in the evening our economy has grown and that generally speaking they are pompously saying the moving force of society. Yet still they deserve to hear from time to time some decent Metal as every single human being.

That is why I feel sorry for them when I see thousands of people restricting their live to constant commuting from their home to work and keep bringing that entire staff to their property which is really necessary only in their head. Instead of participating from time to time in invigorating Metal they are stuffing their house with all that expensive hi-fi equipment in believe that that will stand in for the real spirit of Plymouth.

Paul Weller

Paul Weller has to be one of the greatest song writers ever. Few people can write so many good songs one after the other and still keep fans interest. I will give and example of Paul Weller putting hi writing skills to use. Such Great Examples like the amazing track in the City taken from the Album called In the City even in the early writing days you can her he had class listen to Paul’s track from the CD called taking my Love.

Almost Failed

Paul Weller is well known for his writing skill even though there was a flop in his career and this was the album called his is a Modern World. He thought he would open a second hand cloths shop and make his living this way but then came the next album called All Mod Cons this completely turned things around and increased the popularity of his band the Jam. This featured so any classic songs Like Down in the Tube Station at Midnight, Mr Clean, and of course the very classic track called English Rose.

Perseverance proves to be successful

These tracks are only a few of the great tracks the whole album is awesome. Continuing to write songs in the same light and to stimulate even more fans and also the big turn around was the one and only excellent track called Eton Rifles. This was the song that made me a Jam fan and a Paul Weller fan. After hearing that song I went and bought all the pass Paul Weller tracks before that and to this date 26.05.2009 I continue to buy every Paul Weller song.

A good example the latest album called 22 dreams I am so much in love with the track called Have you made up your mind it is such a great track with great vocals surrounded by nice guitar riffs.

About Paul Weller and the Live Music

Paul Weller Live Music is another area yet again, not only is this artist outstanding in writing good songs as well as accompanying them with catchy guitar riffs, unlike many artist who has had all their work fixed on a Computer. Paul Weller LiveMusic can blow most live performers out the water easily. Paul Weller LiveMusic is the way to go for all of you who enjoy classic song writing combined with great rock energy.