Thursday, November 19, 2009

Best Songwriter Ever is Paul Weller

Over the years many song writers have come and gone but for me Best Songwriter ever is Paul Weller is still making good solid tracks which please the ear, what's even more pleasing is this great artist is a great 100% live musician. Many of the bands who appear to today cant play live to save their life, after all if the best you can do is record a song which is doing well but the truth behind it is it was edited via a computer but in reality you cant sing to save your live then you really are cheating your fans.

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  1. I am sure those of you have heard the songs of Paul will agree Paul is without a shadow of a dout one of the greatest song writers to emerge not just here in the UK but any place and those who have heard his music in the world would quickly identify is song writing ability.

    Weller is a very influential artist and has had a great impact on the British Music scene. Not only is his studio recordings good but his Live music is outstanding. Weller can preform any of his songs on just an acoustic guitar Live and the energy which comes from his voice and the guitar provide a grreat combination and the output is very touching.